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Get involved! It's NATURAL to be a volunteer

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The project "Get involved! It's NATURAL to be a volunteer" proposes solutions for stimulating active citizenship through volunteering for environmental protection. The project will strengthen the capacity of protected area (PA) administrators to create volunteering programmes for nature protection.

A study was prepared within the project in Romanian protected areas on the active involvement of citizens in volunteering actions for nature protection; this study was the basis for organising two training sessions for developing skills on volunteer management for nature protection. Course participants prepared a volunteering programme listing the specific volunteering opportunities, the activities' duration and the profile of volunteers who would get involved in the activity. 10 activity proposals in protected areas were selected from among those programmes, funded through the project "Get involved! It's NATURAL to be a volunteer".

A platform was created to promote volunteering opportunities, voluntariatnatura.ro which will include volunteering programmes in protected areas, enabling potential volunteers to get involved in various activities.

Some of the volunteering activities organised within the project were documented by a film promoting the opportunities to get involved in nature protection causes.

As we believe students and environmental NGO representatives wish to get involved in specific nature protection activities, a caravan shall be organised to promote volunteering opportunities in protected areas in 6 university centres in the country (Bucharest– 2 March; Timişoara – 4 March; Cluj – 7 March; Iaşi - 9 March; Sibiu – 11 March; Braşov – 14  March).

The project  ended with a national seminar to disseminate the project results among protected area administrations, environmental NGOs, companies with CSR programmes. The event was organised between 24-25 March 2016 in Brasov.

Get involved! It's natural to be a volunteer! is implemented by ProPark Foundation for Protected Areas together with Coalition 2000 Federation and the Association of Natural Protected Area Administrators.

The project has a budget of 38,800 Euro, of which 34,985 are the contribution of SEE grants 2009-2014, within the programme of the NGO Fund in Romania.

For more information on the SEE 2009-2014 grants please see: www.eeagrants.ro