Elder's Day - Gorun Trail Mercheașa

Elder's Day -  Gorun Trail Mercheașa
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Sep 1, 2016
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Sep 3, 2016
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Aug 25, 2016
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Activity domain: Dezvoltare comunitară
Counties: Brasov
Organization: Carpaterra


Carpaterra Association is asking for your presence at a running contest dedicated to the oldest oak tree in Romania. Gorun trail, because the seed that sprouted around the year 1075 belongs to the oak subspecie, gorun ( Quercus Petraea ) and because our impulse is to go run.

This sports competition is part of a bigger event called Elder s Day financed by the Environmental Partnership Foundation and MOL Romania within the Green Spaces Program - Natural Protected Areas component. 

Through this contest we want to highlight the need for conservation of the ancient wood pasture in Mercheasa, and we want also to create a stable economic infrastructure for the locals that see this event as an opporunity.

Gorun Trail is happening on the 3rd of September and offers 2 races, made for the beginner runner but also for the stronger contestants, a 10k race and also a 30k race.The long race brings together 2 Natural Protected Areas, the Centenial Oak of Mercheasa - Carpathian Elder with Racos Geological Complex ( which contains the Basalt Columns-Natural Monument, Scoria Quary, and the Emerald Lake )




The biggest challenge is the availability of the volunteers for more days in a row, time in which they will make contact with the running trail and with the existent taks, and also their placement on the running track, where they will camp for more than 6 hours, time needed for the contestants to finish the race.

Volunteer tasks

The volunteers will have diverse tasks, including some of the following :

-registrating the participants

-composing the starting kits

-marking the trails

-cheering for the participants

-offering support to the runners, at the food points but also at the bifurcations

-different tasks in organizing the event

Volunteer profile

At Gorun Trail we are expecting all the volunteers that are not afraid of new things, volunteers that enjoy a bit of challenge. We are looking to have among us active and joyfull volunteerrs which love nature and people. If you are willing to make also some sport, and encourage people on the track, to be pro active and to intervene when needed, come and join the Gorun Trail Team !

What is covered

We can give the volunteers food, transportation, accomodation and volunteering contract

Volunteer benefits

Other benefits

Improving the knowledge over our Natural Protected Areas and conserving the areas

Team work

Volunteering contract

Experiencing a running contest